Frequently Asked Questions

At Reel Athlete we have built a system that streamlines the relationship between the athlete and the coach. We are motivated to provide athletes with the opportunity to play at the next level and collaborate with the coaches to get the student athlete that deserves to be on their team.

We believe that Reel Athlete will revolutionize the way Athletes and Coaches connect and collaborate. Reel Athlete is dedicated to providing a comprehensive platform for Athletes, Coaches, and Instructors to connect, learn, and inspire.

Discover inspiring stories, insightful interviews, and grow our expanding library of original programming on Reel Athlete TV. 

No matter how good of a golfer you are, if you want to play college golf, you have to be seen.  A Reel Athlete account will help you to make that happen.

To get started with your Reel Athlete account, go to the HOME page on and click the User icon dropdown on the right-side of the toolbar and click Register or click the red box that says “Become a Reel Athlete”  Both will lead you to the Questionnaire page.  
On this page, there are four tabs, ATHLETE/PARENTS, COACHES, INSTRUCTORS & GENERAL, fill out the form that best describes you!  Your information will be sent to us, and we will begin the process of setting up your membership. It’s that simple!

If you are an ATHLETE that uses the Reel Athlete services to create your Player Profile Video you will have full access to the site.  If you are an NCAA/NAIA Coach or a Golf Instructor you will also have full access to the site.  If you are a casual observer and don’t need the production services you will have basic access.  With basic access you will be able to view the Home page, our nation-wide section on Instructors and Reel Athlete TV.

With a monthly membership, an ATHLETE will have the ability to fully edit and personalize your page.  You will be able to update all of your personal stats, social media links, photos, information and have complete flexibility to use Reel Update in a way that works best for you.  Most importantly you will be able to utilize the Tournament tabs to keep a constant update for coaches to track your tournament scores and progress.  
Reel Athlete aims to deliver high-quality and impactful videos that showcase the unique stories of each athlete in the most compelling manner possible.  Due to those high standards and to promote the the best story-telling possible, the videos will not be part of the edit feature.
For a COACH and an INSTRUCTOR, to have a page on the platform requires no fee.  You will also have the ability to edit and update all of your personal bio, photos, social media links and information.  Our request to you is to please actively engage with the platform, connect with fellow members, and share your expertise and knowledge to foster growth and development within our community.


On your personal page there are edit tabs for your page, your favorites, stats, Reel Update and the Tournament tabs.  It’s extremely easy for you make changes.  Click the tab, make the changes, click update and that’s it! 

There is no limit on how many times you can make a change!

Reel Athlete can shoot wherever you are in the country!  Your story is best told in your evironment and we need to hear your story from your coaches, family and friends … anyone important to your journey … so we come to you!
Although if you and your team want to come to us … we can shoot it all here in Texas!

Your Player Profile Video, PPV for short, is the main video at the top of your personalized page.  It’s where your Reel Athlete story begins!  We will interview you, your parents, your coach or coaches, your teacher, your best friend … whoever is an important part of your golfing journey and story!

That’s up to you!  Everyone that has a part in your journey and is important to you, then we should interview them!  On average it’s probably 4-5 people per story but that number could be somewhat different for each golfer.

Everyone we interview will not only be in your PPV but the entire video will live on your page.  If someone wants to hear an extended version of what someone had to say, they can check out the entire interview in the “Behind the Athlete” section.

The short answer?  One day!  Each video shoot is given a full production day to shoot all the necessary interviews, swings and b-roll (additional footage) to capture your story.  Golf is a daylight sport so these are daylight shoots.  

It will be important to get all of your people and location ready in advance so we can take the best advantage of the day.  But don’t worry…we will help you with everything!

Yes!  The site is set up with different tiers for Athlete privacy but we do have a demo page for an Athlete.  Everything else is available on every tier.

For the Athlete demo, click to the Roster tab in the tool bar and the four graduations years will appear in a dropdown as well as a tab for Demo.  Click demo and you will be able to see the capabilities of an Athlete page and view all of the videos!

Yes!  As long as you are a coach at a Division 1, 2, 3 or an NAIA school!  Go to the registration and fill out all of the information.  We will reach out to help gather all of the other information to make sure we have everything needed to build a complete representation of your golf program and university.  We want this to be easy for you!

There is no fee and this gives you full access to the Reel Athlete site!  

It’s here for you to find the perfect golfers for your program!

Yes!  The site is set up with different tiers and the Coaches are a wealth of information designed to benefit the membership of a Reel Athlete.

But, we do have a demo page for a Coach.  Everything else is available on every tier.

For the Coach demo, click on Coaches Tee Box and below the map you will see a click through for an example of everything you, as a Coach, can list on your page.

All for free, with full access to the site!

Yes!  Go to the registration and fill out all of the information.  We will reach out to help gather all of the other information to make sure we have everything needed to build a complete representation you and all you do in the world of golf instruction.

There is no fee and this gives you full access to the Reel Athlete site! 

We hope that you recognize the value of being on the platform and impress upon your students that a Reel Athlete profile membership is a great tool to help them find a great college golf program.

Once you fill out the membership page and apply for a full video production shoot we will discuss the rate and the payment.

The value of what Reel Athlete brings to the athlete is having everything in one place! It creates an ease of search in a single location for Athletes, Coaches, Instructors and information.  

Who wants to spend time going to multiple website, all kinds of golf tournament pages, trying to find the score or opening YouTube and searching through a billion videos to find the perfect golfer, coach or instructor that you are looking for?

Instead, get your account and membership, log into Reel Athlete and search in a single spot.

So the long answer … no, all videos stay on the Reel Athlete network.

We don’t recruit athletes.  We don’t recruit for a college program.  We are story-tellers!  We have built a network to be the home for all information on high school golfers and college coaches.  We will do everything we can for everyone to easily find each other.  

Your privacy is important to us!  All access to the site is not granted to everyone.  All Athlete information is limited.  There are only email address listed, no phone numbers. 

There are no home address of transcripts from your high school.  If a Coach requests your transcripts or phone number, that is between you and them.  We will never post those!

For Coaches, you can be rest assured that all email, phone and social sites on your page are school sanctioned!  If you want to post your personal phone, email or social site, and that works best of you, feel free!  The choice is yours!

There is!  Our email is and our number is 469-405-7917

Feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns!

The story is on the site in the ABOUT section but here’s the short version.  

A television producer from Los Angeles was looking to build something that wasn’t in the marketplace of junior golf or for that matter junior sports.  
He started with a blank screen and an idea!  Knowing that these athletes have stories to tell, stories that weren’t being told, the idea was set in motion.  The name Reel Athlete and the logo (a camera lens and a maze) was created and all of sudden, the world shut down.
Like everyone, things stopped.  
But a move to Texas and with the help of three close friends with a “particular set of skills” set things on the final course.
With decades of work in the entertainment business, the experience and passion came together to create Reel Athlete!

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