At Reel Athlete we have built a system that streamlines the relationship between the athlete and the coach. We are motivated in assisting the athlete in getting the opportunity to play at the next level and collaborating with the coaches to get the student athlete that deserves to be on their team.


With a career that spanned from acting to directing and every conceivable level of film and television production in between, Dave West decided it was time to take a lifetime of work and apply it to his love of sports. It was time for a new beginning, a new chapter, a new way for athletes that had the desire to take advantage of their skills, to get noticed and pursue their next chapter. 
This became his motivation and passion….this became Reel Athlete!

His childhood was filled with daily rituals of sports … all sports … and every variation of them that he and his friends could come up with. As the athlete in him was developing, Dave fell in love with story-telling.  He found film and television fascinating! The characters and the stories they told, he wanted to be in that game.  The athlete wanted to tell stories.

Dave started his pursuit to become an actor at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City eventually moving to Los Angeles.

The storytelling had a new location. After several plays, commercials and indie films, he decided to take more control of his own career and the producer/director was born. 

The next stage of his career saw several new adventures and a new way to tell stories. Dave wrote and directed two short films that were worldwide success stories on the film festival circuit. Music videos, commercials and web series quickly followed.

With the landscape covered with unscripted television (reality), Dave also produced several shows big and small, from small cable channel shows like Appetite for Life with Andrew Zimmern to big box network shows like Dancing with the Stars.

With the tides turning in the entertainment industry and Dave spending more time with his family, he found himself longing for a different way to express stories.
At the same time he also found himself on the bag caddying for his two young sons on golf courses all over the United States!

The path that he found himself on was back to sports … only this time as an observer.
Dave saw an opportunity and a strong desire to talk about these athletes, to tell their stories.
The moment was not ignored when it landed on him …. every athlete has a story that needs to be told.

It takes a storyteller to weave together a passion, a skill and an aspiration to reach a goal. 
Dave firmly believes that Reel Athlete is the platform where all of these stories will be told.

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