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Reel Athlete is a Texas-based company that specializes in bringing experienced television production to a junior golfer on their journey to becoming a college athlete. 

The North Texas High School Golf Coaches Association is incredibly important to junior golf in Texas and Reel Athlete is eager to collaborate with you and support your athletes in their journey to achieve their goals and elevate their game to the collegiate level.

Our platform is crafted to provide a comprehensive profile of each athlete.


While other online sources may offer a smattering of statistics, cellphone videos, or even YouTube channels, we recognize that these elements alone don’t paint the complete picture. They may capture fragments of an athlete’s abilities, but they often fall short in revealing the full essence of who that athlete is, both on and off the field.

Our platform is designed to create a dynamic and complete profile for each athlete, capturing not only their athletic prowess but also their character, values, and unique qualities as individuals.

Reel Athlete officially launched during the summer of 2023, and even in our beta phase, we have already witnessed significant successes. Notably, one of our athletes has secured a verbal commitment to Seattle University, another is actively contributing to the team at the University of North Dakota, and we are thrilled to announce that one athlete has inked a commitment to play for Coach Anne Walker at Stanford University.

These achievements underscore our commitment to helping junior golfers realize their collegiate aspirations.

Reel Athletes CEO/Founder Dave West has a career in the entertainment business that spans from acting to directing and every conceivable level of film and television production in between.

Starting as an actor, West found new opportunities producing and directing.  Music videos, commercials, film and web series quickly followed.  In a television landscape covered with unscripted television (reality), West also produced several shows big and small, from small cable channel shows like Appetite for Life with Andrew Zimmern and seemingly half of MTV to big box network shows like Big Brother and Dancing with the Stars.

West decided it was time to take a lifetime of work and apply it to his love of sports. It was time for a new beginning, a new chapter, a new way for athletes that had the desire to take advantage of their skills, to get noticed and pursue their dreams

This became his motivation and passion.this became Reel Athlete!

Reel Athletes CEO/Founder Dave West: No matter how good of a golfer you are, you have to be seen.  Our group at Reel Athlete brings years of experienced high quality television production to junior golf!  The junior golf landscape is very competitive and getting noticed by a college golf coach is tough.  We provide an amazing service built just for the athletes!  We send a production team to the athletes home course, where they are comfortable, and we spend the day interviewing and shooting every aspect of their story.  A scholarship from a university is a big deal.for the athlete and the school.  Coaches need to get to know the athlete. We capture your story being told by you the athlete, your coaches, your parents and anyone important to your golf journey.

Its not only about the athlete, its also about the person!

Now, how can we support you and your team? Through our expertise in shooting and crafting Player Profile Videos, along with building the necessary infrastructure, we enhance exposure for aspiring junior golfers. Our passion lies in helping these young talents gain the visibility they need to reach colleges all across the United States.

We provide a dedicated platform that not only showcases athletes but also connects them with college coaches, golf instructors, and offers original programming.

Our aim is to facilitate opportunities and foster connections in the world of junior golf, ultimately helping these athletes achieve their collegiate goals.

To emphasize our dedication, we’ve established a special introductory rate for individuals playing in Texas. Moreover, if a team decides to bring multiple players on board, we’re enthusiastic about extending our support to high school teams with various incentives through our partners. These incentives may range from golf balls to golf bags, and extend beyond just golf equipment.  As a production company, we possess the capacity to shine a spotlight on both teams and individual players through our website and social media platforms. Additionally, we are equipped to contribute to event sponsorship efforts.

How can we help your team?

To explore the Reel Athlete platform you can visit: Reel Athlete This is where you’ll discover more about our mission and the opportunities we offer to athletes looking to showcase their talents and stories.

To get a comprehensive view of an athlete’s profile and hear their personal story, you can visit: Kaila Elsayegh’s Reel Athlete Player Profile Page. This is a great opportunity to experience firsthand how Reel Athlete helps athletes showcase their journey and achievements.

To learn more about the partnership between Reel Athlete and the NTPGA All-American Tour, you can watch the video here: NTPGA Partnership Announcement Video. This video likely provides insights into the collaboration and the benefits it brings to junior golfers.

Don’t hesitate! Log in and register for free today. Let us assist you and your players in gaining the recognition they deserve and sharpening their skills to propel them to the next level of their athletic journey.

To get a closer look at what Reel Athlete is up to and to hear more about our initiatives, be sure to check out our social media pages on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook by searching for “@reelathlete.”

You’ll find content and updates on our exciting work in supporting athletes on their journey to the next level.

It takes storytellers to weave together a passion, a skill and an aspiration to reach a goal. 

At Reel Athlete, we wholeheartedly believe that our platform serves as the canvas where all these unique and inspiring stories find their voice and can be shared with coaches across the country.

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